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About 35 years ago I had the privilege to ordain into the ministry a man, who without a doubt, was the greatest personal soul winner of the last 100 years. His name was Reverend Larry Beckmann, and he was the recipient, posthumously, of the World Services University of Excellence Honorary Doctorate for excellence in personal evangelism and discipleship.

Larry came to Bible studies I taught where many high school and college students attended. I also had the privilege to pray for him to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. A few minutes later he was leading a man to Christ at a liquor store next door. Reverend Beckmann kept a detailed daily log, or diary, of the people he led to Christ.

From the day Christ came into Larry's heart on May 2, 1964 until June 9, 1996, during that 32 years, he personally prayed with 170,336 people to receive Christ. In one city alone (Atlanta, Georgia) 60,347 people prayed with him to receive Christ. In just a five (5) year period, one married couple Larry trained in soul-winning in Atlanta prayed with an additional 8,000 people to receive Christ.

These are the greatest MIRACLES: people experiencing Christ! It is with GREAT JOY that I share with you the tool which the Holy Spirit had Larry prepare for the Body of Christ before he went to Heaven: "God's Anointed Soul-Winning Plan." This is the plan he used to lead people to Christ.



[NOTE: This is not a tract. This is a tool for soul-winners.]

Only read what's INSIDE the BRACKETS
[][][][][] to the people with whom you witness. Your first two times read this exactly as written. Do not let Satan trick you into believing you'll look foolish reading this. Because of the anointing on this plan, they will listen!

[][][][][] Pardon me, may I ask you a question? [][][][][]

[][][][][] I'm a Christian and I'm taking a survey; can you listen for about three minutes? [][][][][]

[][][][][] You believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Is that true? [][][][][]

Nine in ten Americans believe this much. This will vary from country to country. If the person does not believe this, END the survey. Then SOW SOME SEED to help them come to Christ at a FUTURE time.

Don't stop reading in the MIDDLE of this next box – read the whole box through to the END before stopping.

[][][][][] Have you ever met Christ personally, where He has come into your heart as Savior? [][][][][]

[][][][][] You've never met Christ personally, have you? [][][][][]

NEVER ask: "Are you a Christian?" NEVER ask: "Are you saved?"

Why? Because almost EVERYBODY says "Yes" to either of these two questions.

And once they say "Yes" you can't win them to Christ. The above box leads them into a "No" answer. However, if they are saved, this box is written in such a way that you will be able to read to them and see if they are saved.

This is the one box I advise you to MEMORIZE – and then use for the rest of your life as you witness.

[][][][][] It's simple to get Jesus into your heart. [][][][][]

The first thing to realize is that Christ LOVES you. When he hung on the cross He died for YOU. He died in your place. [][][][][]

[][][][][] JOHN 3:16 (Read it or say it to them . . . best to let them look at it in the Bible with you.) [][][][][]

[][][][][] Do you know why He died for you on that cross? [][][][][]

[][][][][] So you wouldn't have to go to HELL and burn forever. [][][][][]

[][][][][] Look at my finger . . . how many sins does it take to put you into Hell, according to the Bible? [][][][][]

(Hold up one finger.)

[][][][][] Just ONE. James 2:10 teaches that. "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it."[][][][][]

[][][][][] Everybody has sinned. You've sinned. Romans 3:23 (Read it or say it to them - best to let them look at it in the Bible with you.) [][][][][]

Which means, if you died tonight in a car wreck without Christ, you would be in Hell. [][][][][]

[][][][][] And that's the reason I stopped you. Because it is very easy to protect you from Hell. [][][][][]

[][][][][] Of course, I can't protect you from Hell, but God can. [][][][][]

If you're a good person, will you go to Heaven? [][][][][]

No! Ephesians 2:8 says that being good doesn't even help. (Read it or say it to them . . . best to let them look at it in the Bible with you.) [][][][][]

[][][][][] Church, baptism, believing – none of these [good works] can save you. [][][][][]

[][][][][] The devil BELIEVES that Jesus is God, and the devil is NOT going to Heaven. Believing is only the first step. [][][][][]

[][][][][] HERE'S THE ANSWER!! To get to Heaven you must let Jesus come into your heart. [][][][][]

[][][][][] REVELATION 3:20 (Read it or say it to them . . . best to let them look at it in the Bible with you.) [][][][][]

[][][][][] Be honest, do you WANT to let Jesus come into your heart? [][][][][]

[][][][][] Because you LOVE Him, right? [][][][][]

[][][][][] And you don't want to go to Hell. [][][][][]

[][][][][] And you need Him. [][][][][]

[][][][][] In order to be saved from Hell, you must REPENT! That is, TURN from wanting Christ only partially . . . to wanting Him 100%. Are you willing to turn from your sins? [][][][][]

[][][][][] Do you want Jesus to come into your heart as a FRIEND? [][][][][]

[][][][][] Now, I'm going to make it real hard for you. Do you want Jesus as a friend with ALL your heart? [][][][][]

Don't pray with them unless they are 100% sure.

[][][][][] If you mean this prayer, you won't have to go to Hell. [][][][][]

[][][][][] Just repeat [this prayer] after me. [][][][][]

[][][][][] Jesus, I believe You are here. (PAUSE) I'm sorry for my sins. (PAUSE) And you promised to save me from Hell if I would ask you into my heart. (PAUSE) So I ask you, Jesus . . . please come into my heart right now. [][][][][]

[][][][][] He heard your prayer . . . He is in your heart NOW! [][][][][]

[][][][][] Did you really mean that prayer? [][][][][]

[][][][][] So . . . where is Jesus living right now? [][][][][]

[][][][][] In your heart! [][][][][]

[][][][][] Do you have to ask Jesus into your heart every day to go to Heaven, or just once? [][][][][]

[][][][][] Just once. Once does it. You pray every day. You pray hundreds of times. You confess your sins every day. But you only let Jesus come into your heart once. [][][][][]

[][][][][] Now . . . let's do a little review. Are you saved? [][][][][]

[][][][][] Yes! You just got saved. Don't base your salvation on FEELINGS. Most people don't feel anything when they get saved. Base it on what the Bible says. [][][][][]

[][][][][] Does the Bible say you're saved? [][][][][]

[][][][][] More than 100 verses say you are saved. For example, John 1:12 says you are saved, and Revelation 3:20 says you are saved. More than 100 verses assure you. [][][][][]

[][][][][] (Question) And what did you do that saved you? [][][][][]

[][][][][] (Answer) You let Jesus come into your heart. [][][][][]

Write down five (5) scripture references on a piece of paper for them to read later (or, you can have them pre-printed). These verses are helpful to give them added assurance if they begin to doubt their salvation. These are the scriptures to write down:

• John 1:12

• Romans 10:9,10 & 13.

• Revelation 3:20

• 1 John 5:12

• Ephesians 2:8-10

[][][][][] Four (4) things God wants you to DO now that you are saved.

#1. Church (Recommend a good power church to them).

#2. Read the Holy Bible every day. Don't start in the front of the Bible, because Jesus wasn't born yet. The first book, Genesis, was 4,000 years before Jesus was born. Begin by reading MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, and JOHN. These four books quote Jesus' words hundreds of times, and show what the Holy Spirit did through Him. Then read the Book of Acts to see exciting things the Holy Spirit does through Christians.

#3. Pray. Talk to Jesus many times each day . . . whenever you want. He's your BEST FRIEND.

#4. Tell others about Jesus. Try to tell several people today and tomorrow that you let Jesus come into your heart. Not only will this build your faith, but it will STRENGTHEN YOU greatly.

Write down the person's name, address, email address (if any), and telephone number so that you or a church or messianic synagogue can FOLLOW UP with them. NOTE: it is very important to get their email address so you can subscribe them to "
The Apostles Newsletter" and don't forget to tell them about the website:


Why is this plan entitled God's Anointed Soul-Winning Plan?

The answer lies in the meaning of the word "anointed." You can have ten soul-winning plans with all ten of them full of Bible verses. Yet nine of them see only a few results, but the tenth plan sees enormous results. It is the plan that sees enormous results which is anointed.

In a period of just 11 years before Larry Beckmann went to Heaven, the Lord used this plan to lead more than 100,000 people to pray and receive Messiah Jesus as Lord and Savior. Virtually everyone that uses it sees tremendous results.