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Dynamic changes are taking place in the re-organization and design of how the world will be governed. Even though this is a KEY prophetic item dealing with the last days, or end times, it is NOW in the making for a complete re-structuring of the governing - the overall centralization of governments - of the world as we now know it.

The scriptures prophesy global equalization to facilitate One World Government. Just as Global (one-world) Religion and Global (one-world) Economic System are necessary for control of the populace, so is Global (one-world) Government. World domination is contingent upon the evolution or formation of a Global Elite Sector.

QUESTION: Were movies like The Hunger Games giving Millennials and Gen Z's (some were teenagers then) a glimpse of the future, the underpinning of which is being laid right now?  Was the author Suzanne Collins communicating a strong anti-NWO message to people by showing its dangers ... OR ... was she getting the people comfortable with the idea? To the intelligentsia it's easy to observe the global elite are leading the world in that direction.

It is supremely important - even URGENT - that you have a good grasp of the geopolitical ramifications of this trend movement. Study diligently the Global Elite Sector mentioned above. This paradigm shift is crucial in the outplay of events leading up to the time of the worst holocaust the Jewish People have ever known ... and the worst time the Gentiles have ever known.

Islam will likely be the catalyst which will bring about the New Global Governance, an amalgam of 10 region states. New Babylon will arise from this 10 nation compact and become the center of world commerce with the support and authorization of Turkey and the 10 region World Authority.

SPECIAL REPORT: The current mess is the latest phase in the collapse of the Ottoman empire. Its European provinces broke away in the 19th century, the Arab ones in the 20th, and the resulting Arab states are now crumbling in the 21st. Arabs today are still confronted with the same question as their forefathers in Ottoman times as they grappled with modernity and European supremacy: why has a world of glorious, cosmopolitan Islamic empires become so abject?

For those who think it is because Western civilization has proved superior, the remedy is to adopt Western norms of secularism, rationalism and, above all, democracy. Yet for those who believe that Muslims have suffered because they failed to keep allah's ordinances, the only response is to return to the religious purity of the early caliphs. As Khaled al-Dakhil, a Saudi commentator, sums it up: “We have a chronic problem of governance that is more than 1,400 years old. Who is the rightful successor to the Prophet? The question is still hanging over our heads.”  The Arab World / May 14, 2016. The Economist.


Turkey’s Relationship with ISIS Proves It Is Deserting Its European Allies.  Turkey has been ruled by Erdogan since 2002. He is a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement that seeks to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate that applies Islamic sharia law. The Muslim Brotherhood has been linked to many fundamentalist Islamist organizations. Not only did President Erdogan never launch any counterterror operations to disrupt ISIS’ networks or recruitment activities, but he provided it with assistance. Turkish contributions to the flourishing of ISIS were most apparent in these areas: Money, Volunteers, Tactics.

It is becoming harder for Erdogan to hide behind his NATO membership as he designs a foreign policy that is less West-oriented and more EU-—and US-hostile—a far cry from the political reforms that were once promised for a democratic transition in Turkey.

As I mentioned in my podcast, Confidential: Intel for Israel (12 Feb, 2009), Turkey will be the new headquarters for the New World Governance. In due time it will become obvious that it will in effect be the (clandestine) headquarters of the NIO: New Islamic Order. As the Global Governance center, Turkey will come into position after breaking away from its previous European and Western associations, and—as the Eastern leg of the old Roman Empire—it will be the epicenter of Islamic geopolitical and financial concourse.  

Moscow quietly brought a newcomer (Turkey) into its fold by integrating Russian-Armenian air defenses. However, at this time Turkey is NOT in agreement (not pleased) with the encroachment of Russia in the nearby waters. However, just as I wrote 28 February, 2009, we see Turkey wanting to make friends with Russia in 2016. Turkey is turning away from the West mainly because of the former President Obama's policies, especially the Iran nuclear agreement, and therefore will turn away from NATO.

Turkey also believes that the USA had part in the coup of July, 2016. WARNING: The USA has  80 nuclear weapons stored at Incirlik Air Base in SouthEast Turkey.  If terrorists gain possession of these, they could be used to attack  most of the Middle East and southern Russia.


Previously, Turkey enjoyed good diplomatic relations with Israel, but NOT now. However, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain ... and probably soon, Saudi Arabia ... are joining with Israel in diplomatic as well as trade agreements. Even though Turkey is at present anti-Iran—and anti-Shia—according to the Prophet Ezekiel, Turkey (Togarmah) will one day alliy itself with the Islamic confederation led by Iran (Persia) and is a participant in the Gog-Magog War.

I asked the question in my podcast of 28 February 2009,
Israel: A Plain Path, “What would it take to drive Turkey into an alliance with Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ultimately, the Russians?” Evidently, the ANSWER was, “Not much,” because in just one month after I asked this question, Turkish premier Erdogan was wooing Iran and its radical clients, while cutting loose from the West and driving Ankara's ties with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel into the ground. In 2016 we saw Turkey  reversing course and developing partnership with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel. ... and also any Middle East country that is against Iran and terrorism.

However, just as Ezekiel prophesied, Russia, Turkey, and Iran will one day align to form a confederacy (with others) to attack Israel. (Read Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39.)  Way before this happens, however, the international military-industrial-banking complex will have been drawn into a system of Global Governance. We see this already taking place with the underpinning of a legislative matrix that is hidden from the average citizen of member nations. Individual nations and regions will retain certain overt  powers (recognized by their citizenry) while at the same time yielding certain covert authorized powers to the New Global Governance.  These covert authorizations will have enough "teeth" to override national sovereignty ... and even dictate international edicts.   The citizenry of nations around the world will have lost their independence and freedom before they realize it, with the loss, also, of the sovereignty of the mother lands.

NOTE: Remember there will be an international body of 10 member regions that will establish the New Babylon International Center of Commerce: NBICC which may evolve from the Organization of Islamic States [OIS].


Ezekiel was a watchman for Israel in his day; but more importantly, for Israel TODAY. 

He was used by G-d during and after the three (3) sieges of Jerusalem during his time. Daniel was taken into captivity during the first siege of Jerusalem. Ezekiel was taken into captivity during the second siege of Jerusalem and prophesied the fall of Jerusalem while in captivity in Babylon. While Ezekiel prophesied to the children of Israel in Babylon where he was carried away in the captivity, Jeremiah prophesied to the children of Israel in Jerusalem. They both prophesied the fall of Jerusalem. Concurrently, Daniel was being used by G-d in the court and government of Babylon.

G-d always has His prophets and watchers positioned, and He always warns His people. “Surely the Lord YHWH will do nothing, Unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.” (Tanakh: Amos 3:7) To help you understand the office and role of the prophet, go here >

Notice, the people in the days of Jeremiah and Ezekiel were like many today. They regard prophecy only as it pertains to the past, but do NOT discern the message as it pertains to today or to the future. When Yeshua was on earth he told the Pharisees and the religious scribes, “You can discern (signs of) the weather, but not the (signs of) the times.” 

The first 24 chapters of Ezekiel deal with the period of time surrounding the fall of Jerusalem under Nebuchadnezzar, and focus on Israel. Chapters 25 through 32 focus on the judgment of God against the enemies of Israel, all of which in hindsight may today be viewed as Muslim nations, even though the false religion of Islam was NOT started until the 7th Century A.D. (or C.E.).

NOTICE: All of the nations Messiah will attack and defeat when He returns are Muslim nations!

Starting with Chapters 34 through 39 Ezekiel is used by G-d to foretell the regathering of the children of Israel from the Gentile nations (from the dispersion, or Diaspora among the goyim). Then in Chapters 40 through 48 Ezekiel tells about and describes the Millennial Kingdom: the reign of Messiah and of the Prince in Jerusalem.  It will be the REAL and FINAL Global Governance headed by Mashiach ben David: Messiah, Son of David (Jesus, Son of G-d). 


The Old Roman Empire covered MORE than just Europe as we know it today: it covered part of the Middle East and North Africa as well as Europe. The Old Roman Empire had TWO legs: the Western and the Eastern. The Eastern leg outlived the Western leg by another 1,000 years and was centered in Constantinople, in the area of modern day Turkey. Constantinople was the imperial capital of the Roman Empire from 330 to 395 AD / CE ... and then capital of the Byzantine / Eastern Roman Empire from 395 to 1204 AD / CE.

The Ottoman Empire (known by its contemporaries as the Turkish Empire, or Turkey) took over - subjugated - the Eastern Roman Empire about 1300 AD / CE and ruled in power through an Islamic Caliphate until its failure in 1923 due to economic, ethnic, and communications problems. The Fall of the Ottoman Empire was similar to the Fall of the Roman Empire. In 1923 the Republic of Turkey was declared. The Ottoman Empire practiced Kanun law which was similar to present day Shariah law.

The rule of the Ottoman Empire―a Muslim rulership and
caliphate―from 1300 to 1923 AD /CE is important to recognize for TWO reasons: 1. It was a period of economic, cultural, educational, political, military, and religious achievement and geographic expansion for Islam (from 1300 to 1700 AD / CE); 2. It's Muslim caliphate and political "head" (in Turkey) ceased in 1923 with the failure of the Ottoman Empire.

In the last 100 years, many―if not most―evangelical and conservative scholars have interpreted the following as representing Rome (the Roman Empire):

       Daniel Chapter 2 – the legs of iron (the 4th kingdom).

       Daniel Chapter 7 – a beast, dreadful and terrible (the 4th kingdom).

       Revelation Chapter 17 – the 6th king, the one who is in John’s day.

Also, they have interpreted the following as representing an “extension” of the Roman Empire:

       Daniel Chapter 2 – the feet and toes (on the legs of iron) being part of iron and part of clay.

       Daniel Chapter 7 – the ten horns (of the fourth beast, dreadful and terrible).

       Revelation 17 – the other [7th] king / kingdom that is not yet.

Many―if not most―of these scholars assigned the “extension” of the Roman Empire described above as pertaining to a revived Roman Empire in the End Times, specifically a 10 regional amalgamation of leaders from countries or areas that were included in the earlier (ancient) Roman Empire. Also, in more recent years many have ascribed this revision or extension to the European Union (EU) … and out of which will arise the New World Governance with the New World Leader: The Beast―the false Messiah―the anti-Christ.

Remember, as I have referenced above, there was the Eastern extension of the Roman Empire that outlasted the previous, or Western Division, for another 1,000 years and included areas of Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa.

The problem with ascribing Rome to the placement of the fourth (4th) kingdom in Daniel Chapters Two and Seven is that Rome never “crushed” the previous kingdoms of Babylon (#1), Medo-Persia (#2) and Greece (#3). Actually, Rome was―of sorts―beneficial in some respects as it implemented infrastructure and allowed various religions to practice their beliefs (as long as they were subservient to Rome). Remember, Greek was the universal language of the day under Rome. Greek being the universal language of the day, along with the network of Roman roads―All roads lead to Rome―helped the Gospel to spread from Jerusalem outward.

The only empire of force that identifies with “crushing” the previous kingdoms was―and is―Islam. The Islamic Caliphate overtook and encompassed the land mass of Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece combined. NOTE: Most of the Roman Empire’s borders faded about 500 miles west of Babylon.

From the Prophet Daniel we see the anti-Christ described as the "little horn" and as the "the vile person, the king who will come." [NOT referring to Yeshua, the Prince of Peace ... or the King of Kings.] See Daniel 7:8 and Chapter 11.

NOTE: The majority of soldiers in the Roman Army who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD / CE were from Syria, Egypt and Arabia. They were transcripts. These were "the people of the prince who shall come" described in Daniel 9:26. Therefore, the "prince who shall come"―the anti-Christ or false Messiah (The Beast)―will be from the Middle East.

MILITARY STRENGTH RANKING  ~  See the Power Index and Strength of 145 World Powers


Turkey has been trying for years to become a member of the European Union and will probably succeed at some point as the first Muslim nation member of the EU. Turkey will be the headquarters of the New World Governance ... while the
New Babylon will emerge as the leader in world commerce.


EU is split over Turkish membership, with France and Austria openly opposed and deep reservations in Germany and the Netherlands. Turkey would become the most populous EU country ... unless census figures are skewed due to the immigration crisis from Syria and North Africa ... and Germany in particular is said to have concerns about the shift in power that this would cause, with the largest number of MEPs (MEP = Minister of European Parliament) coming from Turkey, along with strong voting rights in European Council decisions.


But this does NOT take into account the greater problem of Global Governance which will affect Global Currency and Finance because of international control of governments. The UN wants to go around - or over - national parliaments and legislatures like the British House of Commons and the US Congress. It is being formulated in "back channels" that the UN be supplemented with a directly elected legislative body, to give the UN authority independent of member states.


Muslim familes in the Western world strive to have large families - and are encouraged to do so - in order to gain increased demographics in populations where the cohabit in order to achieve the goal of establishing Sharia Law. This increased population they postulate, will help them gain control of the areas where they live. However, one of the KEY agendas of the New World Governance is
population control. Promotion of the false global warming theory is one part of the global agenda to attain population reduction; this is another aspect of end time control, producing fear into the hearts and minds of people, and thereby bringing them into subjection.The scriptures prophesy global equalization to facilitate One world Government. Elon Musk warns of POPULATION CRISIS ,,, population will be too low, "Big reckoning coming!"


The scriptures prophesy global equalization to facilitate One world Government. Just as
Global (one-world) Religion and Global (one-world) Economic System are necessary for control of the populace, so is Global (one-world) Government. World domination is contingent upon the evolution or formation of a Global Elite sector: a small group of people ... extremely wealthy and powerful ... who control political and economic sectors.



August 29, 2014 Wall Street Journal ...  Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

November 4, 2009 Moscow ... Mikhail Gorbachev criticized "dividing lines" that he said had reappeared in the world and called on the United States, Russia and Europe to cooperate in creating a "fairer" world order.

"There should be no walls. Now, by the way, dividing lines are beginning to appear again. We need to live in peace in this house called Europe, with all its doors and windows,"
Gorbachev said.

"Only in cooperation with Russia and the United States can Europe play its role in the global process of creating a new world order," he said, adding this had been a dream of his "good acquaintance" the late pope John Paul II.



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