October 23, 2020, Britain and Japan formally signed a trade agreement, marking the UK's first big post-Brexit deal.

The deal, unveiled last month, means nearly all its exports to Japan will be tariff free while removing British tariffs on Japanese cars by 2026. UK International Trade Secretary Liz Truss called it a "ground-breaking, British-shaped deal".
But critics have said it will boost UK GDP by only 0.07%, a fraction of the trade that could be lost with the EU.

The new deal is very similar to the existing EU-Japan deal, but has an extra chapter on digital trade. It used to be said that an independent UK would not be able to strike major trade deals or they would take years to conclude

In 2018 Appeal Judges ruled that a Scottish court has to properly examine claims that the UK should be able to unilaterally abandon Brexit without permission from other EU member states.

The European Union prepared to offer the U.K. a bare bones deal for its banks after Brexit, even as divisions started to emerge within the bloc about how harshly to treat the City.

Britain and the EU agreed the terms of a standstill transition period beginning when the UK exits the bloc in March next year and ending in December 2020, giving some reassurance to businesses worried by an imminent regulatory cliff edge.

But Britain had to make major concessions to strike a deal – and because “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” the transition period will only happen if the two sides reach a legal article 50 withdrawal agreement, which is far from certain.

On the biggest obstacle to an article 50 accord, the UK was forced to accept that Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic would stay in regulatory alignment unless a hard border can be avoided either by a future trade deal or new technology.

Brexit trade talks have been at an impasse in 2020 over issues including fishing access and state aid rules. If no trade deal is agreed with the EU and implemented before the end of the year, the UK will leave the single market and customs union and begin to trade on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

UK businesses would have to pay high tariffs on goods and abide by restrictive quotas, which would cause serious economic disruption in both the short and long term. The arrangement is a default state of affairs and does not require the agreement of either side.

Among other UK climbdowns: the transition period cannot be extended; the future relationship cannot be negotiated until the transition is over; and Britain must abide by European court of justice rulings during the transition and continue paying into the EU budget until 2064.

Theresa May faced a storm of protest over a transition deal struck with Brussels after conceding a series of her high-profile Brexit demands and agreeing to the “back stop” plan of keeping Northern Ireland under EU law to avoid a hard border with the Republic of Ireland.

Theresa May originally called for "a truly global Britain" after confirming the deadline for triggering Article 50 to leave the EU. The UK will begin the formal Brexit negotiation process by the end of March 2017, PM Theresa May has said. The timing on triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty means the UK looks set to leave the EU by summer 2019. She also gave details of a Great Repeal Bill which she said would end EU law's primacy in the UK to untangle more than 40 years of entwined British and European law.

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, known within the United Kingdom as the EU referendum and the Brexit referendum, was a non-binding referendum that took place on Thursday 23 June 2016 in the UK and Gibraltar to gauge support for the country's continued membership in the European Union.

The EU was already weakening. The original EU pact was appealing "trade wise," however the EU (Brussels headquarters) started meddling with the populace of Britain ... trying to control them with regulations.

NOTICE: It's easier to leave a "trading block" than a "currency block."  The EU is different than the EURO.


The EU tried to change the UK culture with over reaching ... foolish regulations ... and the Brits were fed up. Examples were as follows:

  • Hair dressers were banned from wearing high heels and jewelry (even wedding bands).

  • Brits were barred from buying and using hi-powered tea kettles, hair dryers and toasters.

  • Here lies a KEY >>> Do NOT mess with the Brits teapots!

However, the MAIN ISSUE was immigration. Under EU mandate, any immigrants (such as those coming from Syria and including Muslim "non-vetted" immigrants who traveled through Turkey up through (or,into) any EU country could go into the United Kingdom without restriction. Therefore, the UK ended up holding the "immigrant" bag whether they liked it or not.

Prime Minister May told Tory conference that controlling immigration would be key basis for departure from European Union. She has given her strongest indication yet that the UK’s exit from the EU will lean towards a “hard Brexit”, suggesting that regaining control of immigration was more important than access to the single market.

Other problems – especially, economic ones – were in the wash, also. For example, the EU trying to push Greece's economic woes onto everybody else in the EU..

Britain was smart when they joined the EU in that they never traded their currency to be part of the EU. They still trade in British Pound Sterlings (GBP).

Other countries such as Holland (Netherlands), Italy and France may in the future elect to leave the EU. If so, they need to make sure they can weather the "currency" market ... NOT just the "trading" block.

There will be some economic pain. A bold step was taken with BREXIT – But not as much pain as the EU "scare mongers" portend. BREXIT is a fact and the insiders need to help make it even more feasible. However, that's what BREXIT was – and is – about: opposition to the insiders ... the establishment.

Actually, the pound's lessening value created a tourist bonanza: tours and visitor travel to UK is was up 18 per cent in one month. The result: more foreigners, not fewer ... but the paying kind.





1. Europe presently has about 26 million KNOWN Muslims in its population (up from 13 million in 2010). If Turkey joins the EU, they will bring in 63 million more.

2. The scene is being set for the
Magog Invasion depicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. ("Meshech" and "Tubal" were principal cities in ancient Anatolia, which constitutes the eastern three-fourths of modern Turkey.)

3. Tensions between two major powers - USA and USSR - dominated the past 70 years: Two emergent superpowers, China and Europe, are fast changing the statistics.

4. Anti-U.S. sentiment in both Germany and France, as well as the rest of Europe, is an increasing factor on the global horizon. This, also, has a direct influence for Israel.

5. Prophecies in the Book of Daniel, which foretold the sequence of conquering empires from Babylon, to Medo-Persia, to the Greeks, and ultimately to the Islamic Caliphate have each followed the Biblical scenario, with the previous kingdoms overthrown as prophesied and taken over by the subsequent one (which is still progressing).

Rome, or the Old Roman Empire, was previously thought of by theologians as the fourth kingdom, which was left divided (the 10 toes). However, the Roman Empire never "crushed" the previous three (3) empires as the Prophet Daniel's writings depict in Daniel Chapters 2 and 7. Rome did NOT crush these kingdoms either in geographic  territory or might, and they were usually brutal only when responding to rebellion. Actually, Rome "built" infrastructure and was more contributory in services - even after the great persecution of Christians and Jews - with the local and regional populace it took over. (Rome was actually melded with the "political church" in the third Century AD / CE.)

The fourth kingdom of ALL Muslim nations (and the Islamic Caliphate) will be completely destroyed at the end of the last days when Messiah returns. The Holy Bible clearly shows that the nations that follow the anti-Christ are ALL North African and Middle Eastern Islamic nations.

As for the the fourth kingdom left divided with ten toes (Daniel 2:43) and the ten horns out of the kingdom representing the kings (Daniel 7:24), the fourth kingdom will be partly strong and partly broken. The Islamic leaders of the ten Muslim geopolitical power structures in the End Times will NOT be in full  agreement with each other except to carry out the anti-Christ's decrees for a whilePart Sunni ... part Shia ... part ISIS ... they are "mixed." Interestingly enough, the etymological meaning of the word "arab" means "mixed."

Look at Daniel 2:43. "As you say iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay." [NKJV]

The Aramaic word 'arab ... in Hebrew 'ereb ... refers to "mixed," "mingle," and "mixed" just as emphasized in the verse above. Historically, the descendants of Ishmael and Esau had become intermarried with the desert tribes and became generically referred to as "the mixed ones."

It is interesting to note that the Eastern sector of the Roman Empire lasted another 1,000 years and had its capital in what is now modern Turkey. This geopolitical entity (EU plus Turkey)  MAY be instrumental in the New World Governance in the last days. Watch Turkey as it morphs into a world power as a member of the coordination of 10  regional governments.


In Daniel 9:26 we read (concerning the prophetic destruction of Jerusalem which happend in 70 AD / CE that the city (Jerusalem) would be -- and was -- destroyed by "the people of the prince who shall come." Many scholars in the past have alluded to this as a reference to Rome since it was the Roman army that devastated Jerusalem and the Temple. However, by 70 AD much of the Roman militia was comprised of "provisional" forces from Syria, Arabia and Egypt. So, it was actually the majority of military personnel solicited and comprised of national and regional entities that would be in our day Islamic by definition who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD.


Ireland's Border is a Problem. It can't afford to be unsolved.
English Speaking Macron Campaigns for French to be Global language.


EU is split over Turkish membership, with France and Austria openly opposed and deep reservations in Germany and the Netherlands. Turkey would become the most populous EU country and Germany in particular is said to have concerns about the shift in power that this would cause, with the largest number of MEPs (MEP = Minister of European Parliament) coming from Turkey, along with strong voting rights in European Council decisions.

CAVEAT: Turkey will converge from “elected rulers” to religious Islamic rulers as it morphs into the headquarters of the NIO: New Islamic Order.


climate conferences in Copenhagen, Denmark, have been another step towards the global management of Planet Earth. The Copenhagen Climate Council is the undergirding for not only global governance but also the launching pad of EU penetration into international government.

Also, 2009 was the first year of Global Governance with the establishment of the G-20 in the midst of a financial crisis.

Climate change ... even with its attendant falsehood and deceitful postulations ... is one aspect of the control mechanism: and the geographic-pollitical sector which provides the most favorable environment to forge this mechansim of control is the European Union.

Promotion of the
false global warming theory is one part of the global agenda to attain population reduction; this is another aspect of end time control, producing fear into the hearts and minds of people, and thereby bringing them into subjection.


The European nations that have turned their back on Israel will suffer dire financial loss ... PLUS loss of internal protection. (A previous prophecy by
Prince Handley is already happening. See below.)

The role of the EU in preparing the way for end time domination and control of a major segment of the world can be seen: it is a launching pad for the preparation and entrance of the false messiah - the anti-messiah - to facilitate control of the major commercial, social, military, and political arenas of Planet Earth.

The EU will be a catalyst to prepare Global Control; however, it will only be the "door opener"... preparing the way for Turkey ... whether or not Turkey becomes a member of the EU. Turkey will in the not too distant future morph from a secular entity to an
Islamic ruled Caliphate ... the New Global Religion ... and eventually Turkey will become the headquarters of the New World Governance .. and headquarters of the New Global Leader (the antichrist, or FALSE messiah). Study the book,Map of the End Times.


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