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In this section we will cover all aspects of NBC. However, we will focus on bio-warfare as the end result of attack. Bio-warfare may be an adjunct to the use of both nuclear and chemical agents.

Although bio-warfare has been typically referred to as NBC (for
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) the source documents NOW include a fourth sub-category of warfare: Radiological. You will find news, resources, links, and videos on this page to advance your knowledge of NBC-R. See, also, the section on Pathogens below.

Also included in this section is Cyber Warfare and Electric Power Grids.

In addition to NBC-R, one of the most effectively and strategically used weapons NOW and in the future will be Cyber Warfare: "hacking" into computer networks and the designing / producing of "worms," viruses, and "Trojan Horses" etc. However, this type of warfare will be used by BOTH good and evil forces. For example, cyber attacks attacks against "evil empires" such as Iran, North Korea, and terrorist networks can be used to disrupt and yield chaos in the following sectors:

  • Home
  • Media
  • Military
  • Industry
  • Financial
  • Hospital & ER
  • Transportation
  • Governmental
  • Political factions
  • Communications

See notes and links at bottom of this page for more resources and info about cyber warfare.


On May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline, the biggest fuel pipeline in the USA delivering about 45% of what is consumed on the East Coast, was hit with a cyberattack by hackers. In a few days images emerged of long lines of motorists at gas stations in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia reminiscent of the Arab Oil Embargo of the early 1970s. S&P's Oil Price Information Service put the number of gas stations encountering shortages at more than 1,000. Later, many staions in several states were out of gas. This is just ONE hack. Read and learn from this webpage. MUCH WORSE IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Prepare!

May 13-19, 2017, was an explosive one, as the widely publicized ransomware known as WannaCry caused tens of thousands of infections in 74 countries. Its reach extended beyond the UK and Spain, into Russia, Taiwan, France, Japan, and dozens more countries. It seemed to leverage a Windows vulnerability known as EternalBlue that allegedly originated with the NSA. The exploit was dumped into the wild in a trove of alleged NSA tools by the Shadow Brokers hacking group. Later there was a simple "cure" found for it for it. Many emergency rooms and healthcare facilities had to cancel non-urgent services and use "backup" services.

Ransomware works by infecting a computer, locking users out of the system (usually by encrypting the data on the hard drive), and then holding the decryption or other release key ransom until the victim pays a fee, usually in bitcoin.


Biological terrorism and warfare is more likely to be used - and more threatening - than conventional warfare. Their detection and prohibition is next to impossible. The agents are easy to obtain and are inexpensive. At least 20 nations now either produce or have biological weapons capabilities.

Biological warfare is the deliberate spreading of disease among humans, animals, and plants. Primary agents of bioweapons produce many diseases that are hard to diagnose; they rarely occur naturally and often appear like other diseases.

A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive materials. Such a weapon is known as a "radiological dispersion device." A "dirty bomb" may or may not kill many people, but can create fear, panic, and huge financial losses. For example, a dirty bomb in New York or Tel Aviv could result in a loss of trillions of dollars.

The "dirty bomb" threat is real. Economic fallout and panic will cause chaos. Cleanup costs will be astronomical! The radiological materials have to be removed, as they cannot be washed or blown away. Residents, fearing radiation exposure, will flee cities attacked and businesses will not want to re-open.

For those local people who do not die, long term effects will be disastrous. In weeks after an attack their immune systems will decline because radiation kills bone marrow. On the long term there will be a higher risk of cancer. Plus, cases of leukemia will crop up within two years.

Biological diseases resulting from bio-warfare, plus natural diseases such as AIDS, STD, ebola, echoli, smallpox, and other NEW diseases can easily wipe out masses of the population. Diseases, regardless of origin, are just one of the "signs" of the final days.


This is NO idle threat. Recently Ted Koppel (American broadcast journalist), and past news anchor for Nightline, wrote the book Lights Out, in which he described what would happen IF and WHEN electric power grids are/were attacked by either cyber attack or EMP attack.

The USA  electric system is in serious danger of widespread blackouts that could last months as a result of destruction of sensitive, hard to replace, equipment, At the current time, government agencies have no reliable statistics dealing with sub-station attacks.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates the interstate power system requires utilities to protect substations that could cause blackouts in the power grid network if attacked. However, this requirement does NOT extend to the tens of thousands of smaller substations.




If multiple (8 to 10, for example) substations were  attacked at once,

it could take months to recover ... to get power back in operation ... even with generators as backup.
Think of the effect on hospitals, cooking, sanitation, transportation, communications and life!

Many of the KEY generators are outdated, made overseas, and way too large to be transported practically once INSIDE the USA by rail or road. Plus, manufacture will take months. This is the weakest link in the USA grid.

Nuclear attack(s) by evil empires such as Iran (which may NOT be successful against the USA) will be replaced by tactical cyber warfare against the power grid. And the source of such attacks may NOT even be identifiable.


In a series titled, Security in the North American Grid—A Nation at Risk, George Cotter (former chief scientist at the National Security Agency) reports "This [electric power] industry is simply unrealistic in believing in the resiliency of this Grid subject to a sophisticated attack. When such an attack occurs, make no mistake, there will be major loss of life and serious crippling of National Security capabilities."

The reason for "breakins" at substations (and many have already happened) is to acquire information about the electric system: to get "into" the system. This can be used by terrorists at a later time. In 2011, 2.7 million utility customers lost power in Arizona, New Mexico and California due to system errors. Raw sewage flowed into the ocean. Traffic was jammed and flights were cancelled. Many substations only have a padlock on the gate with no cameras and no motion sensors or alarms. See ADDENDUM at bottom for "Confidential" information.


Also, as you study the details below of what would happen as a result of EMP attacks, you will be aware of: 1. What to PRAY for ahead of time; and, 2. What to PREPARE for ahead of time.

For years, scientists have been attempting to create such a weapon as part of CHAMP, or the Counter-electronics High-powered microwave Advanced Missile Project. Now, the US Air Force claims it has advanced the technology, and says it can deploy it using the stealthy Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range (JASSM).

The effects of a CHAMP are very similar to what would happen during an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a high-altitude nuclear detonation or by a powerful solar storm, just on a much smaller, more focused scale. Unlike an EMP bomb, which are area weapons and indiscriminate as to who they target within their blast area, CHAMP is really an EMP assassin that comes in and surgically eliminates an enemy’s war enabling technology, barely leaving a fingerprint it was ever even there.

In 2012, aircraft manufacturer Boeing successfully tested the weapon on a one-hour flight during which it knocked out the computers of an entire military compound. During Boeing's experiment, the missile flew low over the Utah Test and Training Range, discharging electromagnetic pulses on to seven targets, permanently shutting down their electronics.

CHAMP’s previous tests are said to have used a unit based on a powerful vacuum tube that used a magnetron that produces large directed pulses of microwave radiation. Newer systems will most likely be based on Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESAs) like those used in cutting-edge radar systems. These systems have a whole slew of advantages of their ‘analogue’ predecessors, one of which is miniaturization, beam focus and agility.



EMP attacks that are NOT targeting specific pinpoint areas can be even more devastating ... and they do NOT have to be launched from—or by—a "military" vessel. Terrorist attacks do NOT usually come from standard "nation states."  Plus, the use of radiological dispersion devices [RDD] affecting humans, plants and networks can be devastating over the long haul.

Terrorist use of an RDD—often called “dirty nuke” or “dirty bomb”—is considered far more likely than use of a nuclear explosive device. An RDD combines a conventional explosive device—such as a bomb—with radioactive material. It is designed to scatter dangerous amounts of radioactive material over a general area.


The primary purpose of terrorist use of an RDD is to cause psychological fear and economic disruption. Some devices could cause fatalities from exposure to radioactive materials. The area affected could be placed off-limits to the public for several months during cleanup efforts.

I believe that my report on
EMP attacks better describes—and with simplistic detail—the scenario of what the results of such attack would be where the "rubber hits the road."

For detailed information, see the resources at the bottom of this page.




See HOW 1,000,000 Facebook profiles were stolen
and placed on a dating website.

Includes theory.

Photos filtered through face-recognition software and then placed on a dating website.
This is WHY Iran will NEVER defeat the FREE world ... we have smart young men.

U of E awards International "Frontier Freedom Award" to:
Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico




Sony Pictures: Inside the Hack of the Century
A special report in 3 parts by Fortune
(Important - give it a few seconds to load)


Pray that God will raise up "Spirit Hackers" to use Cyber Warfare on the Evil Empires
that oppress and persecute Jews, Christians and other freedom lovers.
The formation of "Secret Societies" may be helpful in accomplishing this.
See Principle 14 in the book:
The Art of Christian Warfare by Prince Handley

IDF, Aman, Mossad, and The Sayeret Makta should concentrate more on
active cyber war against development of enemy military offensive projects
and ... propaganda initiatives of enemy powers.



In 2010
Prince Handley wrote: "I foresee super hacking and cyber warfare against governments in Muslim countries who put the lid on freedom. He says MORE cyber attacks and super hacking will be released inside Iran SOON." Check out the latest news about this below:

A loosely organized group of hackers is now targeting oppressive regimes.
Suspicion in Iran that Stuxnet cause Revolutionary Guards base explosion.


RansonWare: The week of WannaCry.  How RansomWare WannaCry works.

READ >>> "NBC and Bio-Warfare: Relation to the End Time Signs" message.

Code RED: EMP Attacks. LISTEN or READ >>>
"EMP" message.

Hackers successfully crack Apple's Fingerprint Scanner.

September, 2013. Apple recently launched the latest top-end model of its wildly successful iPhone, the 5S, to much fanfare. But a German hacker organization threw water on the fire and bypassed the smartphone's much promoted fingerprint scanner two days after release.

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a Berlin-based group of hackers, implemented the hack of the Apple fingerprint reader. CCC said that a hacker named "Starbug" hacked Apple's new security authentication system, using laser printing to fake fingerprints. He allegedly only had to make some adjustments.

The University of Excellence congratulates CCC on their successful exposure of this Apple weakness. Frank Rieger, spokesperson for CCC, expressed the need for people and corporations to reevaluate their view of fingerprint biometrics. He said, "It is plain stupid to use something that you can't change and that you leave everywhere every day as a security token."

June Beetles Conscripted into Cyborg Army.
Cybugs ... spybugs ... eeny-weeny cyborgs.

History of Biological Warfare from 300 B.C.E to the Present:  >>>
Click here

A Compendium of Biological Warfare History. Timelines, photos, videos, BLOGS, articles, books, news and discussions. Excellent search base. All you need to know! TOTAL NBC-R


In Revelation, the pale [chloros, green] horse is one of the four horsemen:

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword [WAR], and with hunger [FAMINE], and with death [DISEASE & PESTILENCE], and with the beasts [ANIMALS] of the earth." - Revelation 6:8

Bioterrorists could one day - maybe not far off - use tweaked version(s) of the H5N1 virus to spread an airborne version of the virus to attack and kill large populations.

If these "beasts of the earth" include microbes, there would be imminent alarm due to very recent research in genetics.

Texas Man Infected with Flesh Eating Bacteria - June 25, 2016

Genetically Engineered Bioweaons: A New Breed for Modern Warfare

Biological warfare: an emerging threat in the 21st century

Enterovirus EVD-68 sweeps USA in 45 states. (September 28, 2014) Scientists say they do NOT know WHY this is happening.

A Public Policy Expert Looks at the Bird Flu Threat - The New York Times

Debate Persists on Deadly Flu Made Airborne - The New York Times

Call To Censor Flu Studies Draws Fire - Nature

The Newest Beasts of the Earth - Koinonia House

Iran under full scale cyber attack.
Stuxnet computer worm mutating. USA & West accused of financing hackers.

CDC sending 50 specialists to Africa to contain 'Terrible, Merciless Virus.' 2014, August 4

Cyber-sabotage and espionage top 2011 security fear

Oil and Gas Firms Hit by Hackers

UK is under cyber-attack

Code clues point to Stuxnet maker

Google 'may end China operations' after Gmail cyber attack


This is "Confidential" information obtained by Prince Handley that the general public does NOT know. Within six months of the 911 attacks there were 12 Muslim men—one at a time at different times, except for two men at a single incidence—that were arrested while trying to break thru / break into a large electric power station. They were trying to survey the location by taking photos and notes, etc.  One of them was later arrested at a convenience store from information obtained by his photograph taken at the electric power station. He was on the "Terrorist" watch list.

NOTICE: This was only ONE electric power station in the USA where the 12 men were arrested. The Director at that electric facility had cameras and security "beefed up" immediately after 911. What about the electric power facilities in the other parts of the USA that did NOT take such precautions? This particular station was near a large metroplex. Many are in isolated or desert areas.

The KEY strategic item to ponder is that for many years terrorists have been planning attacks on our electric power grids. And, remember, every one of the 12 men in the real life example cited above had Islamic names.

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