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Dynamic changes are taking place in the organization and design of how the world will be governed.

Even though this is a KEY prophetic item dealing with the last days, or End Times, global realignment is NOW in the making for a complete re-structuring of the governing  -  the overall centralization of governments  -  of the world as we now know it. But not just global realignment ... it will actually be global programming.

This of necessity dictates the "unity of mankind" ... even of nature ... and will extend in the future to the supernatural. "Oneness" with each other and with nature. But, wait a minute ... what about oneness with the supernatural? 

You will learn all of this here ... at The University of Excellence.  But, more importantly, you will learn WHAT to do, HOW to respond and WHEN to create organic End Time life plans.

And, you will learn HOW to discern the interweaving of "behind the scenes" societal interaction which is of itself spawned by dark forces of the universe. You will also learn about the Mystery Matrix as it has been discovered by Prince Handley,UofE President and Regent.

We are at the vertex of dual change in most developed nations right now. One change being influenced and fostered by the "one world" agenda while at the same time there is a developing movement by and of the people: a populace movement rising up against political establishments that do not represent "the people."

The danger is that a leader will come on the scene ... that leader is operating in the world today in political circles ...  who will by deception and promises win the hearts of those who are not sealed by the Covenant of God.

A micro-model of one small tangent of this may be seen in countries and areas where people (along with unwise leaders) have toppled autocrats and dictators, but instead of democratic institutions being established, there were worse developments put in place such as the Muslim Brotherhood that came in power as a result of the "Arab Spring" revolts and demonstrations.

WARNING: The macro-model is implosive. The universe has never before - and never will again - experienced the events, the schemes and the evil underpinning that Planet Earth is about to  undergo.

BONUS: You will learn secrets of operation in other sections of this website (study "One World" first) that will prepare you and enable you to be a KEY player for good in the ultimate ... the soon coming ... End Time events.

In this section, One World, you will study the following:

Hang on ... the ride gets bumpy ... but you'll experience revelation and knowledge that will reinforce you for the road ahead.

Learn all you can ... and then teach others.

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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