In order to stay on top during the coming days in which there will be great economic distress―and opportunities for stress―you must take control and maintain control of your environment: spiritual and physical. You do that by affirmative action (planning and implementation) and through prayer with spiritual warfare. Get on TOP and STAY on top! You must abide in the peace zone. Start preparing NOW.

Be responsible. Be available to help others in whatever way God leads you. You may have to sweat and work hard. You may shed tears at times, but you will have the JOY of the LORD, and that will be your strength.

Serve God because you love Him and you are thankful for what He has done for you―and for what He is doing for you even NOW that you MAY NOT SEE or know about―and then thank Him for what He will do for you in the future! Pray in your language AND in tongues: ask for only the associates God has chosen for you.

To help you prepare for the End Times we have chosen several resources for you (in addition to the many you will find inside this section of the website):

In addition, you will want to read OR listen to:  Anointed Control for the End Times (Organic Power and Peace in the Spirit) by Prince Handley.

The following modules are contained in this section of the website:


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