We have received several questions in the last 50 years about "End Time" events. Questions of this sort usually fall into five (5) different categories:

1. I hear people and Bible teachers say that the Jewish temple must be rebuilt. Why?

2. Does the rapture of the church start God's time-clock "ticking" again?

3. When the Bible talks about days, does it mean literal days?

4. I don't understand what the "transgression of desolation" is in Daniel Chapter Eight. Didn't Jesus also talk about that?

5. Who, or what, was the "little horn" mentioned in Daniel 8:9?


Read 2 Thessalonians 2:4. The "man of sin" (the "anti-Christ", or "false Messiah") will go sit in the temple, showing himself as though he is God. Therefore, the temple MUST be rebuilt in the future.

God's prophetic time clock runs in relation to Israel. Notice that in Daniel 9:24-27 there are two main time periods mentioned. One is a period of 69 weeks (Hebrew "heptad", or weeks of 7 years each), and the second is a period on one week, which is the 70th week (seven years). The 69 weeks ended when Christ died on the cross (see Daniel 9:26). The Messiah was "cut off" but not for himself; and God's prophetic time-clock stopped. It will NOT start again until the start of the 70th week, or the period of time known as the seven year tribulation. The last half of the seven years … the last 3.5 years … is that period of time known as the great tribulation: the time of "Jacob's trouble" [Jeremiah 30:7].

It is in the middle of this 70th week that the anti-Christ goes into the rebuilt temple [see Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, and 2 Thessalonians 2:4]. This last 3.5 years (42 months) of the 70th week Daniel talked about will be a time of worse persecution for Israel and the Jews than they have ever known: exceedingly more terrible than Nazi Germany! Many Jews will turn to the Messiah during this time.

For a detailed study of the Jews and the end-times, including signs of the times, and future events, study the book,
Israel and Middle East: Past Present Future, by Prince Handley.


There are different views among scholars as to when the rapture is. Some feel it is BEFORE (at the start) of the seven year tribulation. Some feel it is at the MIDDLE of the seven years. And some feel it is at the END of the seven year tribulation. These are known as the "pre", "mid", and "post" tribulation rapture theories. I started studying all of these views in depth, not only in graduate schools of theology, but also on my own, over 40 years ago.

The word "rapture" is not used in the Holy Bible in this sense; however, the "catching away" or gathering of the saints in the air to meet Christ when he returns is a scriptural fact as declared in 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18.

It seems that God's prophetic time-clock will start at the beginning of the seven year tribulation. It should be noted that all three views, or theories, of when the rapture will occur can fit into this time frame. The important thing is to be ready … to be looking for and loving the return of Messiah to earth (his 2nd coming) … no matter what happens or when it happens. Don't ever let whatever view you hold, or feel is correct, ("pre", "mid", or "post") keep you from fellowship with other Christians who may hold another view. The basis of all fellowship is the fact that Jesus bought us with his BLOOD!


Wherever possible, and where the context gives evidence, take the time mentioned as a literal unit of time. That is, when the Bible mentions a year, it usually means a year. When it mentions a day, it usually means a day. There are certain constructions of grammar, especially in Hebrew, which sometimes show us that it should be other than literal. This happens to be the case in Daniel Chapter Nine.

In Genesis Chapter One (the account of Creation of the heavens and Planet Earth) however, it seems the days are literal 24 hour days (evening and the morning); when the Hebrew word for day "yom" is connected with a number (as in "and the evening and the morning were the third day"), it usually has reference to a literal 24 hour day. For further study on Creation, see "
Creation of the Heavens and Planet Earth"  by Prince Handley.


It is interesting to compare Daniel Chapter Eight with secular history. There has already been a "transgression of desolation" in the Jewish temple; however, it was just a "type" (an actual happening that symbolized another future similar happening … a symbol of a future occurrence).

If you will notice Daniel 8:1-12 describes: 1) a ram with two horns; and, 2) a he-goat. Also, verses 15-27 give the interpretation of the same, which was a vision that appeared to Daniel. Notice in verse 20, the ram with the two horns represented the two kings of Media and Persia (this empire lasted from 536 BC to 333 BC). In Daniel 8:21, the he-goat was the King of Greece (Alexander the Great, who conquered that part of the civilized world in 333 BC).

Notice in this vision which Daniel had, verse 8 tells that the he-goat had a great horn on his head which was broken, and then four (4) other notable horns came up. The interpretation in verse 22 tells us that these were four kingdoms which stood up (arose) out of that nation (the Grecian empire). These were: Syria, Egypt, Macedonia, and Asia Minor.

Now notice verse 9 says that out of one of the four notable horns cane forth a little horn. Verse 11 tells that the little horn took away the daily sacrifice out of the sanctuary … and there was a transgression of desolation following.


This "little horn" was Antiochus Epiphanes who was the king of Syria. He, the "little horn", was a type (or, picture) of the "other" horn [out of the ten horns] spoken of in Daniel 7:20-25, the SAME as the anti-Christ (or, anti-Messiah) of Revelation Chapters 13 and 17. Now I will give you some historical facts to show you what Antiochus did when he came into Jerusalem about 170 B.C.

  • He sacrificed a sow (female pig) upon the alter of burnt offerings; and then made a broth from it and sprinkled it over the entire building.

  • He corrupted the young people with lewd practices and obscenity. [] He changed the Feast of Tabernacles to the feast of Bacchus.

  • He auctioned off the priesthood.

  • All true worship was forbidden.

  • Idol worship was introduced (especially to Jupiter Olympus).

  • The city was devastated; 100,000 Jews were massacred.

Notice that Antiochus was a type or picture of that man of sin who will appear in the future and shall magnify himself against the Prince of princes, Messiah Jesus (see Daniel 8:25); notice that he (the man of sin) will be "broken without hand"!

I Have gone into detail on this to show you how some prophecies have a partial, or even complete fulfillment; but the initial fulfillment is just a type of that which is to come. You can usually tell this in these types of prophetic passages by the clear wording applied to the portion yet to be fulfilled.

Remember, that in Daniel 9:27 the anti-Christ shall confirm a covenant with the children of Israel for seven years. Also, the ten horns in Daniel 7 and in Revelation 13 and 17 show a ten nation confederacy in the end time. The nations, along with Russia, Libya and Ethiopia (North and North East Africa), and Persia (Persia being the partial confines of modern day Iran and United Arab Republic) coming against Israel are the things to watch for. [Note: the Biblical territory of Ethiopia was different than the present day territory.]


This is a false teaching based upon Revelation Chapter 12. The false teaching has the premise that there is (or will be) an elect body of people in the last days referred to as "The Manchild Company." First of all, the only "Special Protection" forces mentioned in scripture during the last days are as follows:

• The 144,000 Jewish evangelists (12,000 male virgins from each of the 12 tribes of Israel who are sealed in their foreheads. [Revelation 7:1-8] Notice that they have Yeshua's Father's name (God's name) written in their foreheads [Re. 14:1-5]; which is in contradistinction to the name of the beast [Re. 13:16-17].

• The two street preachers who prophesy for 3 ½ years in Jerusalem [Revelation 11:1-14].

A careful . . . and the only practical . . . exposition of scripture proves to us that Yeshua (Jesus) is "The Manchild." We know from Revelation 12: 1 that the passage is talking about Israel.

"Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars." [Verse 1]

In Genesis 37:5-11, when Joseph had his dream, it was a description of Israel: the sun and moon (Joseph's father and mother) and the 11 stars (Joseph's 11 brothers). And we see the dream being fulfilled years later.

We see in Revelation Chapter 12 that the woman (Israel) was in labor with a child and that the devil stood before the woman who was ready to give birth so that he could devour the child. This is exactly what Satan tried to do when Jesus was born. All the male children two years of age and under were ordered to be murdered by Herod. [Matthew 2:13-18]

Revelation 12:5 tells us that the woman (Israel) "bore a male Child [a manchild] who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron." This is an exact prophecy quoted from Psalm 2:9 concerning the Messiah. Verse 5 also tells us that "her [Israel's] Child was caught up to God and to His throne." This is an exact fulfillment of the resurrection of Jesus.

Verse 6 goes on to tell us about when Israel will be persecuted for 3 ½ years during the Great Tribulation.

We can clearly see in these passages that the "Manchild" is referring to Messiah Jesus. Also, we read in Isaiah 66:7-9 that "Before she was in labor, she gave birth." This is a reference to Israel giving birth to the Manchild Jesus BEFORE the time of the Great Tribulation. Isaiah 66:8 tells us that when Zion (Israel) is in labor (the Great Tribulation) she gives birth to her CHILDREN [plural] . . . and that "a nation will be born at once." That is, in the Great Tribulation Israel will come to Christ as their Deliverer in mas numbers!

Jeremiah 30:6-8 also describes the Great Tribulation as the time of "Jacob's trouble." Remember, Jacob is Israel; his name was changed to Israel and he begat the 12 tribes. This passage reveals a future time so terrible it will be like MEN giving birth o a child: a time so painful for Israel. For more detailed information, study the book,
Flow Chart of Revelation: End Time Judgments, by Prince Handley.

So, we see from a careful exposition and comparing of scripture that the Manchild is synonymous with Jesus, and NOT an elect company of people. Remember, though, that there are TWO elect groups in the end times, as we have shown above:

• The 144,000 Jewish evangelists; and,

• The two street preachers in Jerusalem.

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