Specific instructions on HOW to interact with other associates.
When to be independent and when NOT to be independent.
What to be aware of and HOW to respond to specific problems.
Detailed information as it pertains to your ability, capacity, and liberty to operate.

1. Only minister WITH those who have sensitivity and close communication with the Holy Spirit, unless they are “hungry” for the fullness of the Spirit and seriously want to learn.

2. Keep a close “inner circle” like Jesus did with Peter, James, and John. Build bridges; don’t burn them.

3. Do NOT share the secret POWERFUL truths of your ministry with those who are devoid of the Spirit’s work; that is, those who have neither experiential knowledge nor intimate understanding of the anointing.

4. Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. (Matthew 6:3)

5. Always be honest; if you don’t feel at liberty to divulge information, then simply say, “It’s confidential.” Many times Jesus said to people, “See that you tell no man.”

6. Have some worldly friends (be the friend of sinners) like Jesus did, in case you ever need help, and the “religious” people won’t help you.

7. If you have lots of money, look like you don’t. If you don’t have any money, look like you do. Always keep thousands of dollars in cash or very-liquid assets and a current Passport so you can travel to other countries when the Holy Spirit tells you to go.

8. Always be friendly to children.

9. Always pray that the Lord Jesus is the only one magnified, the Holy Spirit receives ALL the credit, and God, the Father, receives ALL the glory for what happens during your ministry ... and that you are hidden according to God’s will.

10. As much as practical and conducive to ministry, stay in a private or independent place where you will NOT be dependent upon others. Try to maintain complete control of your time, your schedule,  your life, your ministry ... interfacing with other ministries as the Holy Spirit leads.

You must maintain control of the areas, services, and domains over which God has placed you so that the Holy Spirit will be in complete control and do what He wants  through you.

The Holy Spirit can do anything, anytime He wants. However, some relationships (temporary or long term), some people, some ministries can “grieve” or “quench” the Holy Spirit. Many times this will (can) cause the Spirit to withdraw His miracle-working, Christ-exalting  power. Remember, the Holy Spirit is God’s agent on earth to supply and verify the resurrection power of Christ.

Try to promote and maintain unity among the believers, but always allow the Holy spirit to have complete control. Read and study the following two (2) teachings by Prince Handley:

11. If you are in a meeting (synagogue, church, TV interview, business ... or funeral) and the Holy Spirit tells you to leave, DO IT. Don’t worry about offending anyone. The Spirit may tell you an exact minute or second to leave ... DO IT. You do NOT have to know why!

12. Don’t be too independent. Remember, the Body of Messiah (the Universal Church) is a composite of ministries and people, a “unity” of organisms. It is just what the name implies: A “Body” made up of different inter-connecting parts, each with their own function(s).

The Head of the Body, Messiah, gives us ability, capacity, and liberty to operate within the dictates of HIs Word and our conscience, using the measure of faith He has given us. However, we are responsible and accountable to the Head.

Independence should be operable when there is a disease, sickness, or malfunction with other parts of the Body, such as: dishonesty, doubt or skepticism, pride, unbelief, or disunity.

13. Sometimes it’s better to act “stupid” – for example, when another minister or ministry is trying to take advantage of you for their personal gain – when you have the opportunity to reach multitudes for Christ, than to confront them about the situation at that time. “Be wise as serpents ... harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16) Overpower them with friendliness and joy.

14. Always have somewhere to go next.

15. Never let the devil shut your mouth; and never lose your shout.

16. Be aware of the “tricks” and “stratagem” of the enemy.

A. To get you to quit. Study the teaching by Prince Handley: Where and When Most Christians Miss Their Miracles.

B. To get you to cancel a ministry engagement for speaking or teaching. Some ways the enemy does this are as follows:

  • Someone near you (associate, team member, driver, family member of associate, “hanger on” mixed multitude, etc is doubting, scoffing, heady (education vs. anointing) or high minded.

  • Someone you’re teamed with is not being honest with you, or being “sneaky” and using you.

  • Other speakers of different doctirne(s) scheduled with you.

  • Being hurt emptionally, spiritually, or physically.

C. Diversionary tactics.

  • Having you meet an attractive member of the opposite sex.

  • Opportunity(s) to make lots of money, or “quick money.”

  • Quick roads to ministry success.

  • Fame: Going for your name , and not for Jesus’ glory.

D. Pride

People not treating you right, or respectfully ... and you feel like you deserve better (which you may).

Living a lifestyle for “show” or above your means: being ostentatious.

E. Emotional disappointment(s), “broken heart,” or very rude actions on the part of others.

F. Prolonged goal attainment or unaccomplished desire(s). cf. “Death of a Vision.”

G. Death of a loved one.

H. Lies, false accusations, (or, true ones), or gossip.

I. Not being used, included, or recognized; being “shut out,” either purposely or unknowingly.

J. Someone being promoted or recognized, who for some reason, you know is not worthy of it.

K. Sickness. Claim and receive your healing. Go in faith unless the Lord tells you to stay back.

L. A combination of any or all of the above.

17. Guard against yourself. Galatians 5:22-23 and Galatians 5:17-21.

18. Always have options. Never be dependent on anyone or anything except Jesus Christ.

19. Pray for and exercise good “people skills”. It’s one thing to be independent, but it’s another thing to be independent and to have poor people skills.

20. Unless ministering with a group (or team ministry) and unless the Lord leads you to engage in a particular activity singularly (by yourself), try to go with a partner. Jesus sent his talmidim or disciples out “two by two.” We are NOT referring here to evangelistic meetings, training seminars, or similar gatherings, but to personal soul winning, witnessing, and non-group open air ministry. Sometimes you may not be able to find anyone to go with you, but the advantages of going with another person are numerous.

A. You encourage each other;

B. One of you can handle mundane matters (such as holding a crying baby, turning off a TV, or dealing with hecklers) while the other partner is witnessing or preaching.

C. You can pray for each other. One partner can be praying silently while the other is witnessing or preaching.

D. You instill “boldness” in each other. Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Adhere to these instructions and guidelines, my fellow traveler, and they will protect you so that you will have continued LIBERTY to minister as a sharp two-edged sword, threshing the mountains as wheat, an instrument through whom the Holy Spirit can do WHAT he wants WHEN He wants to bring the healing deliverance of Messiah Yeshua to Israel and the nations in these last days.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence


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