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How to talk to God!

Think of the most important person you know! is it the leader of your nation ... or maybe someone who is a great preacher? Have you ever talked with them? Were you able to tell them everything you wanted to?

Really, who is the most important person in the world? Sure ... God! And if we have been born into God's family through faith in Jesus, we KNOW him ... he is our Father!

The wonderful thing about knowing God is that we can tell him everything we want to. Why? Because he is always with us. As a matter of fact, he wants us to talk to him. The Holy Bible says to "pray at all times." Pray means talk to God!

You see, prayer means more than just asking God for things. It is just like talking to anyone else. Use the simple little four letter guide spelled T-A-L-K to help you when you pray:

T - Thank God.
A - Adore (love) God.
L - Level with God.
K - Know that God hears when you ask!

T - Thank God. Thank him for everything he has given you - most of all, for Jesus! Thank him for even little things like your toothbrush. Thank God for even the hard times you have had, because he has taught you in them.

"Be thankful in all circumstances. This is what God wants of you, in your life in Christ Jesus." [1 Thessalonians 5:18.]

A - Adore God. Tell him how much you love him.

"This is how God showed his love for us: he sent his only Son into the world that we might have life through him." [1 Jo. 4:9.]

L - Level with God. Confess your sins. Get everything out in the open.

"But if we confess our sins to God, we can trust him, for he does what is right - he will forgive us our sins and make us clean from all our wrongdoing." [1 John 1:9.]

K - Know that God hears when you ask! Ask for yourself ... and for others; ask firmly, but do NOT doubt in your heart.

"If you have faith, and doubt not ... you shall say ... and it shall be done." [Matthew 21:21.]

Have you ever prayed for something and you did not receive it right away? Read Luke 11:5-13. In verse 8, why did Jesus say the man's friend would give him everything he needed?


What will happen if you ask? [Verse 9.]


What will happen if you knock? [Verse 9.]


Did you ever go to a friend's house and knock on the front door, but no one came to the door, and so you went to the side or back door and knocked until someone answered? Remember, when you call on God, he is always there!

Jesus said, "There are many rooms in my Father's house ..." [John 14:2.] Just as there are many rooms in God's house, there are many doors to knock at when praying. If you don't get the answer at the front door, try the side door!

Below are listed six doors you may knock at when you ask God for things:

Door 1 - Do God's will [1 John 3:22; John 15:16]
Note: the books of 1, 2, and 3 John are different than the Gospel of John.

"We receive from him whatever we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases him."

Door 2 - Pray in Jesus' name [John 14:14]

"If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it."

Door 3
- Ask in faith [Matthew 21:22.]

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."

Door 4 - Agree with someone [Matthew 18:19.]

" ... whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven."

Door 5 - Believe you have it already [Mark 11:24.]

"When you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and everything will be given you."

Door 6 - Keep praying [Luke 11:5-13]

" ... and give you everything you need because you are not ashamed to keep on asking ... knock, and the door will be opened to you."

Sometimes our prayers are not answered because of bad reasons for asking, or because we are not living like God wants us to!


How did Jesus like to pray most of the time? [Luke 9:18.]


How long did Jesus pray before choosing his 12 disciples? [Luke 6:12.]


Which part of T-A-L-K did Jesus use in his prayer in Luke 10:21?

Read Luke 22:39-46. What did Jesus warn his disciples to pray about?



Read Luke 18:10-14. The Pharisee thanked God (T) but he did not level (L) with him. The tax collector, however, leveled with God – he confessed his sin!

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