1. Make sure you have proper visa(s). You will usually need a visa for each country you visit.

A.  Double check to make sure you need visa by FAX, email, Internet, or in writing from the Consulate of the countries where you are going.

B. If there is a possibility you will be traveling “in and out” of a particular country make sure you have a “multiple entry" visa.

C. It is assumed you already have a passport from the country of which you are a citizen, and that it will NOT expire before the time you will be returning.

Sometimes you must be selective in the order of multiple visas. (This is NOT common.) For example, IF traveling to both Israel and Jordan (or other Islamic country) you need to obtain the visa from Jordan FIRST; then, apply for entry or visa into Israel when leaving Jordan. If Jordan sees a Visa stamp for Israel in your Passport, they will probably NOT grant you a visa.

2. Have “Letters of Invitation” and “Introduction” mailed (by regular postal  mail) to you by at least two (2) ministry, educational, non-profit, business, or government organizations from each country where you will be ministering.

A. These will can help when you apply for visas (send photo-copies) or Attachments with Email. Also, they are helpful (sometimes) in the countries you will be visiting. You may need to extend a visa if you want to stay over for a longer period of time.

B. Carry two photocopies on your person while walking or traveling outside the domicile or place of stay.

C. Hide one or more copies where you are domiciled ... especially the original if you have it.

3. In some countries, when you arrive at the airport or Port of Entry by ship, the Passport (or, Immigration) Agent may only stamp your visa for a period shorter than the time their consulate agreed to.

A. Check your Passport; if you have been granted 180 days by the Consulate, and the agent at the airport or Port of Entry only gives you 90 days, try to give him / her a good reason for extending it right then. Otherwise, if you want to stay past 90 days, you will have to go to a local Consulate in that country for extension.

B. Some countries require you to go to the local consulate for registration within 48 hours.

4. Know where you will be staying.

A. Have one or more good alternates, if possible.

B. If it is a hotel or hostel, know ahead of time WHO is paying for it.

C. If it is a private residence or ministry house, find out WHAT facilities are there:

  • Phone (international calls?), FAX, Internet?

  • Running water (hot water?)

  • Bottled drinking water available, or nearby, that you may purchase?

  • Electricity? (Remember to take an adaptor for that country.)

D. Proximity to the nearest city or town and the population. Obtain a map (even if hand-drawn – check the map’s accuracy with another person or other people). Include relative locations of other cities and villages in the surrounding area with reference in kilometers / miles to the nearest LARGE city that would be indicated on a map of that country.

E. How far is the place you will be staying from the airport where you will be arriving?

F. How will you travel from the airport to the place you will be staying at the time of day or night you will be arriving?

G. Who will meet you at the airport or Port of Entry where you will be arriving? Send them a photo of yourself so that they may identify you easily. Do NOT wear a hat when you arrive unless it is to help them identify you. (If so, do NOT lose it.) It is also helpful to have them print a sign with your name on it and hold it up as you are coming into the arrival area.

5. What are the scheduled meetings?

A. How many people in attendance?

B. What types of meetings: open air, leadership, miracle, seminar, etc.? See #7 below.

C. Who will be in charge?

D. What will be the method(s) of transportation?

6. You may be going to minister without any expectation of offerings. However, IF you are expecting offerings:

A. Inquire as to: HOW they will be taken / received?

B. Inform the host synagogue, ministry, or church HOW you (or your people) will receive the offerings ... or HOW you want them to be received and deposited for safe-keeping.

7. After approving the “Schedule of Tentative Meetings” (see #5 above), FAX, email, or mail back (best to both FAX and email) your “O.K.” with any revisions necessary.

A. This is NOT your final approval. Pray and seek the Lord’s will about the schedule before your final approval.

B. Always plan (and adhere to it) ONE (1) day of rest per week. The same day each week is recommended (Monday is suggested.) Use this day to rest, pray, or fast and spend listening to God. This is very important if you are to be productive, powerful, and healthy the other six days of the week. If you need to study and prepare for future meetings, plan this some other day than your Day of Rest. (Read Isaiah Chapter 58.)

8. Social Events: Many times you will be invited to events such as weddings, birthday parties, or synagogue / church functions. Guidelines for these are as follows:

A. Pray before accepting the invitation.

B. Do NOT let yourself ... or your time ... be drained. Remember, you are there to minister.

C. Yeshua (Jesus) attended social events. He ate in people’s homes and attended a wedding, but He always ministered to the needs of people and / or did miracles.

D. Unless you have “liberty” from the Holy Spirit to attend these events (that is, you know for sure God wants you to go), then plan for them in your schedule just like you would a ministry event.

E. Remember, you may be very fresh and strong before, or at the beginning, of your trip; however, five (5) weeks “up the road” may be a different story.

F. Whatever you do, try NOT to offend people. If you have to say “No,” do it graciously; or, if you have to cancel, explain your reason and PRAY with the people for the blessing on the event.

9. Travel funds and expenses.

A.  Try to have more than enough money for the following:

  • Emergencies.

  • Alternate or revised plans. For example, there may be unexpected ministry or travel opportunities.

  • Gifts

  • For those in ministry;

  • For people in need; and,

  • For yourself or loved ones.

B. Make sure you purchase Traveler’s Cheques from a GOOD source; i.e., ones that can be cashed easily in the countries where you will be traveling. Usually the fee is about one percent (1%), but with some bank plans (where you bank) they may be free.

  • Many countries in Africa use Barclay’s Bank.

  • Many countries use American Express.

Ask your local bank for information as to what banks are operating inside the countries where you will travel. Also, ask the people with whom you will be visiting or ministering. Plus, check the Internet and search online for the Consulate(s) where you will be going.

C. Always travel with a money belt that can NOT be seen under or inside your clothes. There are basically two types:

  • One that fastens to the waist.

  • One that fastens around your neck by an adjustable cord.

Make sure they are mildew, or water / perspiration resistant. Make sure it has separate compartments for money or Traveler’s Cheques, Passport, extra credit card(s), copy of your airline travel itinerary (with your travel agent’s phone, FAX, and address).

Note: The neck type is easier to access without taking clothes down or off. Also, it may be worn on the chest or across the shoulder and under one arm. If you wear the “Neck” type, make sure that:

The cord is always covered (not seen) under the neck collar of your shirt or blouse; and,

Your shirt or blouse is always tucked inside your belt or waistline (in case the cord around your neck or shoulder breaks).

D. Try to obtain currency of the NEXT country where you are going at the airport you are LEAVING ... or, as soon as you pass through Immigration / Customs at the airport where you arrive. Even better, before you pick up your baggage at the “Baggage Claim.” You normally should have time to do this. You will see the signs “Bureau de Change” or “Banque de Change” or “Currency Exchange” at airport counters.

  • You may need money to tip a porter for helping to handle / carry your bags, or for a baggage cart or taxi.

  • Do NOT let porters, waiters, or taxi drivers be with you when getting money at the currency exchange.

When leaving a country, remember to cash that country’s currency into the currency of your home country ... or, the currency of the next country to which you will be traveling. Every time you exchange it costs you, and the more you exchange, the more it costs you.

10. Ministry to the Nations.

A. Arrival and Greeting.

Many times there will be a delegation to greet you with music, signs, or gifts such as flowers. However, do NOT be disappointed if it is just a small group of people. Remember, you are there to minister, not to win a public relations contest.

If you have had a long flight, try to look presentable. Plan your flight so that you will take time before landing to freshen up. Remember, many people have never traveled on an airplane and know nothing of “jetlag.”  They expect you to look like a “movie star.” Also, they may take videos of your arrival.

You may want to have a gift or gifts ready for your hosts, but it is not necessary.

Read #9-D above so that you will have cash ready in case the people picking you up do not have sufficient funds for the interim travel or meals to your first destination. You might want to buy them lunch!

If you are a rabbi or minister ... and if you have a ministry like Yeshua (Jesus) ... some of the people you travel to help will be very poor. They may have to “pool” their money together for petrol (fuel) to come pick you up and transport you to your place of stay. Also, they may not have eaten for the better part of the day!

Always be KIND to children ... like Yeshua (Jesus). If children are there to greet you, always shake their hands (as well as the other people) or hug them. The children you meet on your trip will remember YOU the rest of their lives, so be a good representative for Yeshua.

B. Getting settled in your place of stay.

Make sure you have plenty of drinking water. If you are in a Third World country or developing nation you will want to have bottled drinking water.

Find out how your laundry and/or dry cleaning will be taken care of.

You should have already informed your hosts that you will be taking one (1) day a week to rest, and what day that will be (if you know).

If there is no hot running water, you may want to request or inquire how to obtain it at the times you plan to bathe.

In many countries, sometimes there is not toilet paper available. It may be available in the place where you are staying but not in the outlying areas. You should remember to carry some with you, as well as bottled drinking water.

C. Read and study the following by written by Prince Handley:

Use the information in them to help you in the areas where you will minister and also to train others..

D. If you are holding MIRACLE / HEALING meetings, inform those in charge of the meetings that you do NOT want anyone to get up and speak or preach AFTER the singing and worship. You should get up immediately to minister when the music and singing is finished. The reason for this is at least two-fold:

First, the people, and you, will NOT be “worn out” or tired when you are preaching, teaching, or ministering.

Secondly, sometimes people will get up to “show off,” to advertise their ministry, or to “ride in” on your banner, or name. This can cause the Spirit to be “quenched” (I Thessalonians 5:19) or “grieved” (Ephesians 4:30), and He (the Holy Spirit) will leave just when you are getting ready to minister.

You want to take advantage of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God after the singing, music, and worship. The presence of the Lord will be there to heal.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is God’s “Agent” on earth to supply the resurrection power of Christ. Make sure the people in the crowd KNOW this before you start praying for the sick ... OR ... inform the crowd concerning this as soon as MIRACLES start happening!

Make much of the Holy Spirit, and He will make much of Messiah (Christ)!

E. Sometimes there will be so many people the Lord is healing, or who come forward for prayer, that you cannot pray for – or, lay hands on – all of them. You will need to have teams of people trained to pray for the ones who need healing, deliverance, Baptism in the Spirit, or miracles. Two or three per team is suggested, but one person per team is O.K.

It is easier to train them if they have SEEN you pray for the sick one or two times, either in person or on DVD or video.

Watch for people who are baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. They are your BEST candidates to train. Give an invitation for people who want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit (after you have taught on it preferably). They are good candidates to train for your healing team(s).

Many people are amazed that the Lord uses them to heal others. This is amazing in and of itself since the Lord Jesus commissioned us to pray and lay hands on the sick: He promised to heal them.

F. Do NOT be surprised if some (or all) of the people on your host team (those who invited you) do not know much, if anything, about healing, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, or the anointing ... even though they claim to do so.

Lots of foreign mission organizations (even those organized by nationals in their own countries) get “FAT” of the cash cows of the USA and Europe. Sometimes they are just professional ministry people. It’s an occupation for them (a way to make money). They have NO close communication with the Spirit.

Prince Handley has seen many abuses on the foreign field by mission organizations who solicited money from him and others. His most famous incident was when one of the directors of a missionary organization in a developing country asked him WHY he was not eating. That person was not even understanding that Christians really fast.

Also, do not be surprised if many of the leaders do NOT pray or study the word of God, or spend time with the Lord in personal devotions. Focus on meeting the needs of the people to whom God has sent you to minister. Then, if the leaders respond, consider it a bonus!

G. People need to be trained, so if you are a rabbi or pastor or ministry director, try to train people on the foreign field (and in your own country) that you KNOW have pure motives and who are in the ministry becasue they have been called – and sent – by the Holy Spirit.

There needs to be a school behind every bush or tree! Train, train, train! Re-study frequently (and train others from) Prince Handley’s booklet:
How to Reach the World for Christ.

H. Obtain names and addresses of rabbis, pastors, leaders, lay-workers, and soul-winners so you can:

  • Follow up with them;

  • Inform them of future schedules;

  • Provide them with other new materials;

  • Be contacted by them for help and counsel.

I. Shoes and clothing are very important items.

1. Try to always wear a tie unless the climate, geographic area, or culture dictates otherwise. For example, in many African countries even the poorest of ministers try to dress up in shirt, coat, and tie, and the clothes are very clean even in areas where there is little water. Be all things to all people.

2. Make sure you have comfortable black dress shoes for walking if going to undeveloped areas. Black shoes are easy to keep shined daily in case of dust and scratches. Also, if going to undeveloped areas, do NOT wear good expensive shoes as they will be ruined.

Take care of your feet; an extra pair of shoes will give you comfort and be a change. Also, take some glue for sole repair in case there are no shoe repair kiosks nearby. The extra pair of shoes will serve you while you are getting the others repaired ... AND ... will be a nice gift for someone there when you leave to come home.

J. Selecting a Place of Stay.

As much as practical and conducive to ministry, stay in a private, or independent, place such as a good hotel where you will NOT be dependent upon your hosts or others.

Try to maintain complete control of your time, your schedule, your life, your ministry ... interfacing with other ministries as the Holy Spirit leads. You must maintain control of the areas, services, and domains over which God has placed you so that the Holy Spirit will be in complete control and do what He wants to through you.

The Holy Spirit is a Person and therefore has a personality. The Holy Spirit can do anything ... anytime He wants; however,, some relationships (temporary or long term), some people, some ministries can “grieve” or “quench” the Holy Spirit. This will many times cause the Spirit to withdraw His miracle working, Christ exalting, power. Remember, the Holy Spirit is God’s Agent on earth to supply and verify the resurrection power of Christ.

K. Exiting the trip.

Usually a delegation will either accompany you to the airport or be there to see you off. even though you may be ready for a few days alone, always be very kind and courteous. Remember, they did NOT have to come to see you off; they love you and appreciate Christ’s ministry through you. Always be sensitive to opportunities to minister ... even to the people accompanying you at the time of exit.

At times I select who accompanies me. There may have been a person or people whom Messiah has shown you will be (or are already) mightily used disciples. Guard your testimony. Do NOT let a few moments of folly destroy days or weeks of labor for the Lord.


PASSPORTS need to be VALID for at least 6 months from after your planned date of RETURN. (UK this is always true).

VISAS need to be gained WELL IN ADVANCE. In the UK, this will most likely involve a personal trip to LONDON or EDINBURGH or other regional capital. Visiting in person (if possible) is much preferred to sending passports by post. However, if you have to send by post, use Registered Mail only.

REASON FOR VISIT: Find out from the Holy Spirit during early planning stages if your trip is to be "visible" or "invisible". In other words, are you going officially to "minister" or are you going as a "tourist.” If you are NOT holding mass crusades or meetings (where large crowds will attend), you may want to go as a TOURIST. (Consult with other ministries you trust as to which countries this MAY be the best way of applying.)

MONEY: If possible, set up an EMERGENCY PLAN for obtaining cash from abroad. If you KNOW your travel agent, see if they would be willing to make an emergency bank transfer in an emergency. Or, check with your bank, church, or close friends and relatives. Make sure you pay them back on the first or second day back in the country. This is very useful especially if you have unexpected expenses or your credit card is stolen.

PHONE: Take your mobile/cell phone and a charger. It is a good idea to bring TWO voltage/plug adapters, especially if you are bringing a laptop. You are very likely to be charged for INCOMING calls as well as for outgoing calls you make, and they will be EXPENSIVE! Get voice mail turned off by your service provider BEFORE you leave your home country, in order to avoid a high bill.

Try to arrange with your hosts for them to provide you with a “pay-as-you-go” or “Prepaid” Cell chip (or phone) in the country of where you will be traveling. In addition to having global, or internatiional, calling features on YOUR mobile phone. Bring a spare (extra) cheap duel or triple-band PHONE - or "burner" phone as well. This way, you will be able to phone your mission hosts while moving around the country, and you can better deal with emergencies. (This is a tip I have learned the HARD way!)

Remember, if ministering in a poorer country, villagers WON'T have Blackberries, etc. Think about taking a cheaper phone with you that will do the job, and won't be a big deal if it is lost or stolen. Try to avoid a "them and me" situation. In other words, be as much at their standard of living level as possible.

CLOTHING: Check local customs and weather patterns before you travel. Always bring two (2) items of warm and protective clothing even in tropical countries! It can be very cold at high altitudes, plus air-conditioned coaches (buses) are cold, and you WILL get cold if you have to spend the night in an air-conditioned airport lounge! In rainy-season, a small umbrella is usually far more effective than a raincoat. Raincoats need to be as light as possible and breathable, or you will sweat.

TOILET ARTICLES: As already stated, always bring toilet paper with you! Plus, if you do not like to shave in cold water, take a small electric shaver powered form "AA" batteries.

DIFFICULT SITUATIONS & EMERGENCIES: Don't think that you know better than your hosts, ESPECIALLY when in danger. IF you get high-jacked and your host is with you, allow HIM (or her) to do the negotiating, and only speak when you are asked a question. STAY CALM, and pray in the Spirit (tongues) silently while negotiations are going on. Don't ask for blow by blow account of what is happening.

Act as if it is PERFECTLY NORMAL for machine-gun toting soldiers to take over your vehicle. Keep aware of where your passport and money is all the time, and avoid deliberate distractions. DON'T save your baggage or camera "at all costs" - if asked, it is better to offer your video camera as a "gift" to your captives, than for them to take it by force. Your aim is to keep the aggressors as passive as possible, avoiding direct confrontation at all costs, and as the Holy Spirit opens the way, to WIN THEM for Christ … or at very least, let them know CHRIST LOVES THEM and died for them!

If you are on your own and get in a confrontational situation, stay calm and assess the situation. Often, soldiers are looking for bribes or money. Try to stay in the open where other people are; avoid being drawn into a solitary place. Assess how likely it is that those who are confronting you are to use force. If you are going to a KNOWN danger zone, you may wish to ROLE PLAY this type of scenario as part of your mission training before you leave your home country. Humor and respect can both be weapons that disarm armed and dangerous men or women. In other words, never forget they too are sinners that Christ loves, even if they kill you.

If you are serious about missions, sooner or later you will need to face the fact that you might die on the mission field. This is especially important for you, as the LEADER, to know if you are taking a GROUP of people into a potentially dangerous area. If you are confronted and things turn ugly … whatever you do … NEVER abandon your flock! This is ESPECIALLY important if you have WOMEN on your team.

If someone tries to take the women away, then you need to defend them at all costs - even if you get shot. If one of your party does get raped, then at least she will always know that YOU valued her enough to die defending her dignity. I've been threatened at gun point several times (in Africa) but I have never been in a situation quite that extreme. However, the more DANGER there is, it seems the more GRACE there is to cover the situation, and to avoid you reacting out of fear. Many years ago, Brother Prince taught me a valuable lesson I still use. Have a code word that all your team members know by heart, which means "immediately drop what you are doing and GO … no questions asked!" Never use the code word as a practical joke, practice it before you go, and together … with prayer … it may well save lives. >>> The “code word” that Prince Handley taught me is “Taki Bondo.” <<<

FINALLY, make sure that you have great prayer back-up!


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