RABBI  7  Psalm 2:12 - Kiss the Son, lest he be angry.


Commentaries from ancient Jewish Rabbis who lived righteous lives point to and identify The Man:   the Messiah of Israel.

    Although not Scripture, the writings of various Targums and the Sanhedrin confirm the identity of the Messiah.  Both appearances of  Messiah are clearly identified by ancient rabbinical writings.

    God called one man, the man Abraham, to bring forth a nation.  And He called that nation, Israel, to bring forth The Man:  the Messiah!

Psalm 2:12

      It is the Son, of Whom it is written, "Kiss the Son" [Psalm 2:12, Heb. Bar. 202];  "Thou art the Son, the faithful shepherd; of thee it is said, 'Kiss the Son'.  Thou art the Governor of the Universe, the Head of Israel, the Lord of ministering angels, the Son of the Highest, the Son of the Holy and Blessed One, yea the very Shechinah."

    It is written, "The LORD also hath put away thy sin." [2 Samuel 12:13 (2 Kings in the Hebrew Tenach)].  By this was David atoned for.  The Hebrew for "also" is "gam": the  two consonant letters are initials of "Goel Mish-chaheth", meaning the "Redeemer from Corruption";  hence, the ZOHAR means that by the "Redeemer from Corruption" (who is the Son), of Whom it was said, 'Kiss the Son', even the Messiah, was David atoned for and forgiven.

    "All the prophets prophesied concerning, or up to, the days of the Messiah."  [Sanhedrin 99a]

    "All the prophets prophesied concerning, or up to, the days of Messiah; but beyond that, eye hath not seen, God besides thee ..." [Berachoth 34b] 



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