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How to know the news in advance!

In the first half of this study we covered eleven chapters. Remember, we finished Part A after the 7th angel sounded his trumpet [Revelation 11:15.] We will not study what happens as a result of Trumpet #7 being sounded until Chapter 15. The three chapters between [12, 13, and 14] will show us events that will happen meanwhile.

Chapter 12 describes a woman (the nation Israel) who gives birth to a son (Jesus). We know that this woman is Israel by the way she is described in this chapter and also by the description in verse 1. In the Old Testament, Genesis 37:9-11, Joseph had a dream in which his 11 brothers were described as stars. These 12 brothers were the heads of the 12 tribes of Israel. Joseph's parents were the sun and moon in this dream.

The dragon, who is the Devil (see verse 9), stood in front of the woman to devour (eat up) the child as soon as it was born (verse 4). This is how Satan used King Herod when Jesus was born. Herod had all the young male babies, two years and under killed; but Jesus' parents took him to Egypt until Herod died, and so Jesus was safe.

Verse 5 of Chapter 12 tells how Jesus was born and then taken to God and to his throne. These events (the woman who gave birth to a son, and the son going up to God) are NOT future events; they have already happened, as you know. However, they are important events and the Holy Spirit had them recorded in Scripture because they help us to see why Satan hates the Jewish people. Why does Satan hate the Jews? [See Revelation 12:13.]




You see, it was the BLOOD of Jesus on the cross that defeated Satan. The devil hates the people of Israel, because it was through Jewish ancestry (or, family lines) that Jesus was born.

There will be a time of great persecution for the Jews in the future. How long will it last? [See verses 6 and 14.]


Chapter 13 describes a beast coming up out of the sea. Who gives him his power? [Re. 13:2.]


People will worship the dragon, who is Satan, and the beast. [See verse 4.] This beast out of the sea is the coming world ruler described here in Chapter 13, verses 5-8, and in other places of the Holy Bible. Who will NOT worship the beast?




This coming world ruler is also known as the "anti-Messiah", or the "anti-Christ". He [seemingly] dies and then [it appears as if] his deadly wound is healed.

NOTICE: For an in depth study of “his deadly wound is healed” go to: “ISLAM AND ITS TEACHINGS.”  It is extremely important that you understand this in the present times in which we live! However, wait until you finish these Bible Studies so you won’t lose focus.

Another beast is seen coming up out of the earth. [Look at verse 11.] He is the false prophet. He causes people to worship the first beast (the anti-Christ) and to make an image of him. Then, the false prophet (seemingly) gives life to the image of the first beast.

The false prophet, who will be the religious head of the world, forces ALL people to have a mark place on their right hands or in their foreheads. No one can buy or sell unless they have his mark: the mark is a name, or the number that represents the beast's name. What is the number of the beast, the mark which people will be forced to take? [Revelation 13:18.]




Chapter 14 tells that the great Babylon has fallen who influenced all nations with immoral lust. All who worship the beast and its image, and receive this mark will be tormented in fire with no relief forever.

Chapter 15 starts where Chapter 11 ends: at the 7th trumpet. Just for review, remember that there are seven seals. Seal #7 contains seven trumpets; and now we will see that Trumpet #7 contains seven bowls of God's wrath (or, the seven last plagues).

Chapter 16 describes the seven last plagues (the seven bowls of God's wrath). Describe in your own words what each plague is like on a separate page.* Keep this extra page of descriptions you write (your answers) in a file with your Bible studies (either file it in a hard-copy [paper] file or in one of your computer files).

Describe them briefly like the example below:

Bowl #1 - Painful sores on those who have the mark of the beast and worship his image. (Example)



Do NOT omit this part of the lesson.

You will need this information in future days for friends and relatives!


Chapter 17 describes the great city Babylon as a prostitute. This city causes the leaders and people of the nations to be influenced with immorality. (Re. 17:2.) This great city will be destroyed by the beast, who is the coming world ruler, and by ten kings, or leaders of nations (the 10 horns of Revelation 17:12). These 10 leaders of nations are finally given authority to rule at the same time (one hour, figuratively) with the beast.

What are two ways people will be able to know, or identify, this city in the future? [Verse 6 and verse 18.]





Chapter 18 actually describes the fall announced in Chapter 17. Babylon, the great city, will be hit with plagues in one day and burnt with fire. The businessmen of the earth who trade with her, and who are made rich by that commerce, will be sad because in one hour the city loses everything. Why will the city be punished? [See Revelation 18:23, 24.]



NOTE: In verse 23, we see that the city used magic, or sorcery, to deceive the people of the world. Magic in this verse includes drugs (or, narcotics), sometimes accompanied by witchcraft. We know this because of the original Greek word used for magic (or,sorcery): pharmakeia.

Chapter 19 shows the King of Kings and Lord of Lords appearing from Heaven and the armies of Heaven are with him. [Re. 19:14-16.] The kings (or, the leaders) of the earth and their armies gather together to fight against the Lord and his army.

The beast and the false prophet are thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur; and the armies of the earth are killed with a sharp sword that comes out of the mouth of the Lord. [Revelation 19:19-20.]

In Chapter 20 we see that Satan is bound for 1,000 years - at the end of the 1,000 years he will be loosed for a little while. Those who were killed for the testimony (or, the truth) of Jesus, and for the Word of God, ... and had not worshipped the beast or his image ... and had NOT taken his mark ... live and rule as kings with Christ for 1,000 years.

After the 1,000 years, Satan is loosed a little while to deceive the nations of the world. The armies of the nations surround the city that God loves (Jerusalem), but fire comes down from Heaven and destroys them.

The devil (Satan) will be cast into the lake of fire and sulfur ... where the beast and false prophet already have been for the 1,000 years during which Satan was bound. How long will they all be tormented? [Read Revelation 20:10.]


Next, is the Great White Throne judgment. Whoever does not have their name in the Book of Life is thrown into the lake of fire. [Read verses 11 through 15 in Revelation Chapter 20.]

Chapter 21 describes a new Heaven and new earth. The holy city, new Jerusalem, comes down out of Heaven.

In Chapter 22, Jesus says, "Listen, I am coming to you soon!"

Your next study (Lesson 9) will be: How to Know What's happening Today!

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